15th of September, 2018 

Our potatoes have surfaced!! After almost 4 weeks of TLC and a LOT of waiting, out first few sprouts have finally emerged! We’ve only got a few so far across the whole of year 10’s potato plots, but we’re making progress! By mid December, they’ll have all fully grown, ready to eat!


9th of September, 2018

As part of the Year 10 tradition at Hurlstone, we got to grow our own potatoes! This is super cool because we get hands-on farming experience from the very start of the process to the end (eating delicious, hot chips).

This also encourages us to grow our own produce!

The hills to plant the potatoes in


  1. Soil preparation + weed treatment
  2. Cultivate the soil to loosen it
  3. Soil improvement, using mushroom compost and fertiliser
  4. Form the hills to plant the potatoes in
  5. Water it all!
  6. Plant the potatoes
  7. Constantly keep the pests and weeds under control
  8. Harvest the potatoes! YAY!
Year 10s distributing mushroom compost over the potato hills.

Growing your own produce is extremely beneficial as it:

  • reduces strain on the environment
  • reduces pollution (e.g. harmful gas emissions from transport)
  • provides a healthy source of produce at your own home!
  • ensures control over chemicals used (e.g. pesticides)
  • helps you save money
  • enriches appreciation for the fruits and veggies
  • is a way of getting physical activity! (it can take a lot of effort)
  • promotes the consumption of healthy produce

All in all, growing your own food is very good for all the right reasons! And we, Hurlstonians, have been lucky enough to be given the opportunity to manage our own potato farms (with the help of our lovely Agriculture staff of course). 🙂