What do you think of when you hear ‘CAREERS IN AGRICULTURE’?


Probably someone in a farm taking care of animals, right?

Well actually, agriculture careers are shifting away from the old-fashioned professions to modern, technology-oriented occupations. The agriculture industry is now looking for people who are experts in


Agriculture careers can be split into six core skills:

  • Management – Controlling and maintaining agricultural processes and procedures
  • Commerce – Pricing, assessing and addressing the financial and economic side of agriculture
  • Education –  Having extensive knowledge of agriculture to undertake developmental research or teach others about agriculture
  • Engineering – Designing, constructing and utilising machinery, structures and buildings that will benefit the agricultural industry
  • IT – Creating and applying software technology, such as apps, that will enhance agricultural processes
  • Science – Using logic, predictions and explanations to analyse fauna and flora in agriculture

These skills are what will drive the agriculture industry forward,

not just herding animals around in a farm!

Just look at our Young Farming Champion and her inspiring career in agriculture!

If you have some interest and experience in any of these skills, agriculture has a place for you!

Our industry, HORTICULTURE, is a VERY important sector of agriculture. Horticulture provides our world with food and an abundance of greenery in our lives. From paddock to plate, there are countless job opportunities that contribute to this flourishing sector. Here is an infographic displaying just how endless the chain of horticultural careers is!

Archibull - Horticulture Careers Infographic.png


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