Howdy Ho

Fridays… usually nights to go out on the town, catch up with friends, get a drink?

Hurlstone celebrated it a little differently.

amy being cute

I wonder who this is for? A new classmate, perhaps? Obviously no one relevant to the title of this blog.


Oh, so it’s a party. Interesting. I wonder what the poster on the door is for.

susan being cute

We’ve already established there’s streamers, but here’s another photo of us hanging up some more. Aesthetic light rays and all.

pic 1

Holy cow, bet you never saw that coming.

After a long awaited wait, our dear Archibull arrived along with its mountain of impending work. Hurray! Our art class can’t wait to collaborate with our year 10 electronics team to create something innovative and fresh. Keep posted with our (probably ir)regular updating pattern to spectate our creative journey and exploration into the horticulture experience. We hope you can join us on our learning adventure, as cheesy as that sounds.

Stay tuned to meet the handsome faces of our team members in our future posts.

Until next time,

~ Your faithful mademooiselles, Amy and Lameah.